"... this is a great grocery list app to check out ..."
"Finally a simple app for lists without all the extra junk ..."
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Items is designed to help you get your grocery list organized by the various stores you may go to on a regular basis. It is optimised for creating shopping lists like a groceries list or any other kind of shopping list very quickly which makes it maybe the most elegant shopping list app available. You can even create a simple todo list with Items. The key features are:
  • Simple and elegant interface
  • Overview list of all items
  • Lists for every shop
  • Add new items very quickly:
    • Frequently used items
    • Instant search results
    • Tap less often
    • Large database of name suggestions
  • Displays count of items still to buy
  • Hide items you already have in your cart
  • Sorting: alphabetical or custom
  • Completely localized in English and German
  • Language of item names independent from system language



  • How do I delete an item?
  • Just swipe horizontally over it and press the delete button.
  • How can I add a new shop?
  • Either use the top right button in the screen where you can enter quantity an shop or manage your shops via the settings.
  • Can I edit item names?
  • Editing names is now possible.
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